A Worldwide Women’s Declaration for Eradicating Sex Exploitation from Moongchi

A Worldwide Women’s Declaration for Eradicating Sex Exploitation

2014, Approaching a New Decade of Anti-Prostitution Law in South Korea,

A Worldwide Women’s Declaration for Eradicating Sex Exploitation,

‘Decriminalizing of Prostituted Women’

○ Prostitution is a serious crime that infringes upon basic human rights.

○ Prostitution is not an agreement between two individuals.

○ Prostitution is a form of structural violence that objectifies human bodies, and most victims of prostitution are women who are the most vulnerable in society.

○ Communities that tolerate prostitution become not only a perpetrators but also victims.

In 2000 and 2002, there were a series of fires in the South Korean red light districts and many women were killed. The fires exposed a system of exploitation, and this exploitation was continued with the complicity of the South Korean government.

A new anti-prostitution law was established in South Korea, in 2004, making it clear that the government has a responsibility to intervene against the exploitation in the sex industry. This law is a very important step in the right direction, strengthening the punishment of pimps and intermediaries, but still, this law is faces many challenges. But the law has severe limits because prostituted women who have not been forced into the sex industry can still be penalized by this law.

South Korea is approaching a new decade of Anti-prostitution law. For the last 10 years, communities in South Korea have been aware about the parties responsible for ‘prostitution’ and make it clear that intermediaries are subjects of punishment. From now on, Korean government has to develop policy and law to prevent sexual exploitation and to protect women’s human rights.

Approaching a new decade of Anti-prostitution law, with worldwide Activists, Networks, Organizations for women’s human rights, “Nationwide Solidarity to Solve Prostitution Issues(NSSP)” and “Moongchi–the Network of Women with Prostitution Experience” in Korea demand that the Korean government define prostitution as sexual exploitation, to punish the intermediaries and buyers, and to decriminalize prostituted women. We will work together for the eradication of sexual exploitation and prostitution.

2014. 9. 23.

“Nationwide Solidarity to Solve Prostitution Issues (NSSP)” and “Moongchi – the Network of Women with Prostitution Experience” in Korea

Signatures of the other worldwide organizations, activist and women with prostitution experienced

CATW-AP(Jean Enriquez:Executive Director, CATW-AP)

WomanHealth Philippines

National Rural Women’s Coalition (PKKK), Philippines

World March of Women – Pilipinas

Youth and Students Advancing Gender Equality – Philippines, India, Indonesia

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women – Asia Pacific

Sanlaap, India

Space Allies, Japan

Samaritana Transformation Ministries, Inc. (Jonathan & Thelma Nambu)

Alliance of Progressive Labor – Youth

SENTRO – Women

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women International (CATW) : Eleanor Kennelly Gaetan, Ph.D. Legislative Advisor

Buklod (Survivors’ Organization) , Philippines

Bagong Kamalayan Collective, Inc. (Survivors), Philippines

Autumn Burris, Founder/Director Survivors for Solutions, USA

Dr. Kathleen Barry(Professor Emerita, Author Prostitution of Sexuality, Abolish Prostitution Now)

Twiss Butler(Member, Abolish Prostitution Now, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

Toni Van Pelt tampabay.rr.com

Sandra McNeill (Justice for Women UK)

Julie Bindel (born 20 July 1962 UK) is an English writer, feminist and co-founder of the group Justice for Women, which opposes violence against women from a feminist viewpoint.

Sheila Jeffreys(Professor, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne, Australia)

Taina Bien-Aimé(Executive Director Coalition Against Trafficking in Women CATW)

Melissa Farley (Ph.D., Executive Director Prostitution Research & Education, San Francisco CA USA)

Coalition against Trafficking in Women International (CATW)

Ms. Esohe Aghatise, Executive Director, Associazione Iroko onlus, Italy

Ms. Chiara Carpita, Resistenza femminista, Italy

Ms. Melina Caudo, Executive Director, Associazione ProgettarSì, Turin, Italy

Mr. Antonio Chiadò Fiorio Tin, Mayor, Massello Municipality, Province of Turin, Italy

Ms. Ivana Stazio, Italy

Ms. Martha Centola, Vice President, Associazione Iroko onlus, Turin, Italy

Ms. Ilaria Maccaroni, Resistenza femminista, Italy

Ms. Valentina S., Resistenza femminista, Italy

Ms. Paola Mazzei, Resistenza femminista, Italy

Ms. Isoken Aikpitanyi, Sex Trafficking Survivor and co founder of Associazione Ragazze di Benin City, Italy

Mr. Claudio Magnabosco, Italy

Ms. Rosanna Giorgietti, Italy

Ms. Francesca Carpita, Italy

Mr. Giorgio Carpita, Italy

Ms. Eliana Maestri, Feminist Group, Birmingham, UK

Mr. Gabriele Lenzi, Resistenza femminista, Italy

Ms. Ilaria Baldini, Resistenza femminista, Italy

Mr. Massimo Gianasso, Turin Municipality Police Force, Turin, Italy

Ms. Roseline Iroghama Aghatise, Iroko Charity Organisation, Nigeria

Dr. Ifode Ajari, Medical doctor, USA

Mr. Arinze Orakue, Director of PR, Nigerian National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), Abuja, Nigeria

Mr. Paolo Botti, Executive Director, Associazione Amici di Lazzaro, Italy

Mr. Carlo Italo Zanotti, Architect, Senior Partner, Artom & Zanotti Associati, Turin, Italy

Ms. Carla Pastorino, Genova, Italy

Ms. Victoria Sherman, Italy

Mr. Edoardo Kibongui, Italian Baptist Union of Churches, Turin, Italy

Dr. Ms. Ochuko Ajari, Boston, USA

Ms. Valentina Iamotti, Resistenza femminista, Italy

Ms. Maria Grazia Mauti, Resistenza femminista, Italy

Mrs. Oti Anukpe Ovrawah, Director, Nigerian Human Rights Commission, Abuja, Nigeria

Mr. Dario Saluz, Architect, Turin, Italy

Ms. Ida Centola, Avigliana, Italy

Ms. Nella Righetti, Turin, Italy

Ms. Marina Bergadano, Law Offices, Marina Bergadano & Co., Turin, Italy

Mr. Joe Osagie, Greater London City Council, London, UK

Ms. Vera Chigbufue Elue, Legal Counsel, Chicago Municipality Law Office, Chicago, USA

Mr. Pius Elue, Chicago, USA

Ms. Letizia Longo, Accountant, Turin, Italy

Ms. Blessing Osatohanmwen, Turin, Italy

Mr. Daniele Gaglianone, Film Producer, Turin, Italy

Mr. Marco Fasoli, Turin, Italy

Ms. Emilia Tedesco, Turin, Italy

Ms. Alina Olszewska, Turin, Italy

Ms. Lina Fucà, Turin, Italy

Ms. Maren Ollman, Turin, Italy

Ms. Claudia Quendo, Turin, Italy

Ms. Antonia Bonito, Turin Municipality Police Force, Turin, Italy

Mr. Maurizio Gili, Accountant, Senior Partner, Maurizio Gili & Co, Turin, Italy

Ms. Elizabetta Ferrero, Turin, Italy

Ms. Marisa Perrone, Turin, Italy

Ms. Lucia Giffi, Turin, Italy

Ms. Giulia Parm, Turin, Italy

Ms. Marcella Gilardoni, Gilardoni Law Offices, Turin, Italy

Ms. Ijose Aghatise, Ospedale Amedeo di Savoia, Turin, Italy

Mr. Lucky Oseye, Turin, Italy

Mr. Obuks Ajari, Lagos, Nigeria

Ms. Helen Uwangue, Benin City, Nigeria

Mr. Iroro Ajari, Nigeria